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Libya Build 2022 - Connecting the Construction Industry in North Africa Copy

Libya Build 2022 opened its doors on May 31, 2022 at the Tripoli International Fair, hosting over 300+ local and international exhibitors and welcoming thousands of professionals from the region.

Libya Build has brought the construction community to Libya to facilitate business and networking opportunities at one time, in one place. The event brings together 120+ major companies from Libya representing the entire market for building materials and construction in Libya, as well as 95+ international companies including 35+ companies from Italy, 29+ companies from Turkey, 10+ companies from Egypt, 10+ companies from Tunisia, as well as major players from the GCC, Europe and Asia.

The official opening ceremony was inaugurated by Eng. Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba, Prime Minister of Libya. Together with the Minster of Economy and Trade and Minister of Housing, Minister of Local Government, the ambassadors of Italy, France, UK, Greece, Spain, Malta, Tunisia, Indonesia, Hungary and the Philippines.

Have a look at some of the images taken from the first 2 days of the event here.

Libya Build 2022 will run from 30 May to 2 June 2022 at the Tripoli International Fair, Libya.

Join Libya Build at the heart of innovation and transformation when we connect construction professionals at the region's most anticipated event.


June 1, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM

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